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terra, tradizione e territorio


Take a seat at the table

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Cooking is a universal language, and with our dishes we try to tell you a story that speaks of a valley, sustainability, well-being and contact with nature.

Our restaurant is open every day but you will always find it a little different as it changes with the changing seasons.

The spaces in which we host you, as well as our menu, can only indulge the whims of mother nature and we can only obey. And after all, this is what we like best.

Il Fiorile is not just a restaurant, but an experience to be enjoyed all year round. People come here to relax and rediscover for a few hours a contact with nature that is too often lost.


A Game of Flavors

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Il Fiorile is an experience to be lived with all the senses, and our menu is no exception. Not only taste, but also smell, sight, touch and hearing come together to bring unique and unexpected gastronomic emotions to life.


The menu is inspired by our land, Val Borbera, from which all the raw materials we use come from. Each dish, then, tells a story, has a reason to exist, and the senses are the means to read and experience it.


If the scent of truffles is concentrated under a transparent glass bell, the view is satisfied by the floral decorations that accompany other dishes. The roughness of the dishes, then, gives rise to unforgettable sounds, like a spoon picking up the last bite of a dessert that we are not yet satisfied with.



Naturally Wine

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Let's talk about wine, naturally. And natural wine is exactly where we want to go. Indeed, where we want to take you.


The manager of the winery is Carolina, daughter of Emanuela and Massimo, who for years has developed a passion for natural wine, as well as organic, just as it once was. A wine that does not contain traces of either sulphites or yeasts. This too represents a beautiful return to the land and to that authenticity of flavors which is a founding pillar of Fiorile.


In addition to our selection of natural wines, the cellar hosts a good representation of the best wines from Piedmont and Italy, without forgetting, why not, some foreign bubbles.


When you come to Fiorile you will not find a wine list, but you will be accompanied to the cellar to be able to choose your wine directly.