Your Choice of Wines between Red and White Wines grown in the Val Borbera and Piedmont

In the Court of King Timorasso

Hidden in the heart of the old barn out of which Il Fiorile was born, the Wine Cellar is open to all our guests, where they can choose the best wine to match their selected dishes.

Within its century-old brick walls, the cellar guards the Timorasso wines, one of the greatest Italian
wines produced from self-cloned grapes, rediscovered in the 1980’s with a limited production, and a good selection of red and white Piedmont wines, together with wines from all over Italy. A selection of wines which puts emphasis on the quality of the vineyard, respect of the territory and the love of good-quality things.

Labels and prices are clearly indicated to help our guests in their choice. You can ask Massimo or Emanuela for each wine’s story, and they both are always available to give you advice on the ideal marriage of wine and food.

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