A vacation of Relaxation, Sport and Gastronomy in Val Borbera.

Its not hard for me to be an active sponsor of all activities in the Val Borbera. I have lived here for many years and when I decided to settle down, it was here where I wanted to stay and where I wanted my children to grow up. As a child I built rafts to sail on the river, and I stuffed myself with fruits which I picked in the fields and the woods, and I wanted my children to enjoy a similar childhood in close contact with nature: When I grew up I loved to wander in the woods to pick wild mushrooms, and often I went to Castel Ratti jogging, just here, on the lane which leads to Variano
Superiore, which is traffic-free and nice and flat. However when you stay in a place like ours, just lying in a field in the sunshine is a nice activity! For those who like to move, here are a few suggestions:


McArthur Glen Serravalle Designer Outlet (10 km distance)

A necessary stop for bargain-hunters, and for who is simply curious. The discount prices, the availability of over 300 top labels make it an obligatory stop for all those in transit in the area.

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“Le Bolle Blu” Acquatic Park (2 km distance)

Thanks to an agreement with Le Bolle Blu, our guests enjoy a special discount on the entrance fee to the park, where young and old can pass a whole day having fun in and out of the water.


Nature and Sport

Excursions – Trekking by foot and on Mtb.

The soft hilly countryside of the Val Borbera gradually becomes more mountainous as you go up the valley. Its perfect for trekking both on foot and on Mtb, along the many trails which run along our beautiful valley.

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Historical Aspect of Our Territory

Fort of Gavi

There is nothing lovelier than admiring hills from above – from the high viewpoint of the majestic Fort of Gavi which in all its history was never conquered: a historic defense fort constructed by the Genoese on the site of an existing medieval castle.


Nature and Sport


Here you will find the tracks of the Porte di Pietra, a circuit which follows the famous trail which represents a challenge not only for athletes who want to assess their ability, but for simple trekkers.

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Culture and Archeology

The Roman Ruins at Libarna, Serravalle

The Libarna Roman Ruins is the most important archeological site in the area. Originating in the 1st Century AD, showing various zones of the roman city, an extensive mosaic which includes the floor of a domus, an Amphitheatre and a Theatre.

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If you want more information on events organized in the territory surrounding Il Fiorile

Consult the website of Novi Ligure .



Only 40 km distant, Genova is an interesting city to discover with its characteristic narrow lanes and historic palaces which recall the splendor of the old noble families who lived in them. It is a city where the presence of the sea is always felt, such as the famous Aquarium, The Galata Sea Museum, the boat trips organized to watch for whales, the old sailing galleon rebuilt in the Old Port. Just a further 30 minutes down the autostrada you can visit the famous beauties of the Italian Riviera such as Portofino, Santa Margarita and the Cinque Terre villages.


The frenetic heart of North Italy, all that represents fashion, trend and style comes from the
famous Fashion Square Block in the centre core of the City, or from the many happenings which
have here their showplace.
Important witnesses of tradition and history are the Teatro Alla Scala, Milan Cathedral (symbol of the City) Sforzesco Castle, and Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper.’


Turin is like a jewel embraced by the mountains. It represents history and is immensely beautiful: the ancient capital of Italy where you find the royal palaces at the time of the reign of the Savoy family, the city parks, the famous Mole Antonelliana landmark, the unique collection contained in the Egyptian Museum, and the historic story of the Unity of Italy which you breathe in the streets, in the city squares and in the characteristic old coffee shops and cafes.